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Introducing the Mahindra Novo above 60 HP series of tractors. Mahindra Novo 655DI, has a powerful engine which delivers maximum PTO power manages heavy implements in hard & sticky soil conditions. It has efficient cooling system with bigger size air cleaner & radiator which minimizes choking and gives longer non-stop working hours.

Mahindra Novo’s multiple speeds options allows user to choose from 30 available speeds which ensures full control over productivity & time of operation. Its forward reverse shuttle shift lever allows quick reverse which is very useful in harvester, dozing application. Its bigger size clutch ensures less slippage and longer life. It has 3 speeds in PTO to choose from which is useful in power harrow, mulcher applications its high lift capacity is suitable for heavy implements and its high pump flow allows faster work completion.

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Horsepower :65hp
No.of Cylinders : 4
Air Cleaner : Dry Type with clog indicator
Rated RPM : 2100


PTO Speed : 540/ 540E / Rev


Transmission Type : Synchromesh
No. of Speeds : 15Forward + 3 Reverse
Forward Speed (Min/Max) : 1.71/33.54 kmph
Reverse Speed (Min/Max) : 1.63/32.0 kmph
Creeper speed (OPT) : 0.4 kmph
Drive : 2WD/4WD


Front : 7.5 x 16 / 9.5 x 24
Rear : 16.9 x 28 / 16.9 x 28

Brakes & Steering

Brake Type : Oil immersed multi disc brakes
Steering Type : Double Acting Power steering


Lift Capacity : 2200kg
Hydraulic Pump Flow (lpm) : 42


Fuel Tank (Litres) : 60
Length (mm) : 3710
Height (till exhaust pipe) (mm) : 2160
Wheelbase (mm) : 2220

Best-in-class features

4-way Adjustable Deluxe Seat
4-way adjustable captain seat with arm rest for ease in operation.
Digisense enables you to stay connected to your tractor 24/7 with the help of a smartphone.
Forward Reverse Shuttle Shift
Single lever for reversing tractor at the same speed for faster performance in agri handling applications, easy & comfortable operations for long hours.
Front Mudguard
Front mudguard safeguards the operator from mud splash. (Available in 4wd only)
Jerry Can
Jerry can weight specially designed for muscular looks.
Metallic Colour & decals
New metallic red colour & metallic decals
Precision Hydraulics
Novo’s precise hydraulics possess a high lift capacity of 2200 Kg. A high pump flow of 56 lpm ensures your work gets completed faster. It also has a single spool double acting auxillary valve.
Roll Over Protection
Roll over protection structure with FRP canopy for enhanced safety and comfort.
Technologically Superior Engine
Transform farming with an advanced 65HP engine that delivers maximum PTO power and high torque, best suited for heavy implements. The engine provides fuel efficiency even at higher loads. It has an efficient cooling system with effective air cleaner and radiator.
Synchromesh gears with 30 gear speeds ensures effortless gear changes. A forward-reverse shuttle shift also makes driving comfortable. The clutch is big and reliable with long life. It has 3 speed PTO options (540, 540E, Reverse) and 4WD for better traction.


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