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Robust and Powerful, the new Mahindra JIVO 365 DI 4WD is a Lightweight tractor designed especially for application in Paddy fields. Jivo 365’s advanced DI engine gives unmatched Power and best-in-class Mileage. It is the first tractor in India equipped with the revolutionary Position-Auto Control (PAC) technology that makes it an absolute Master of Puddling. The ADDC Hydraulics enabled with PAC technology help you to work effortlessly without constantly adjusting the PC lever, thereby delivering superior performance. This lightweight 4WD Puddling Master, when used with Mahindra’s 1.6m Gyrovator gives uniformly levelled field and hence better quality of puddling without getting stuck in wet conditions. Get the new Mahindra JIVO 365 DI 4WD to experience Power, Performance and Profit like never before.

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Engine Type: Mahindra DI
Engine Power HP: 36
Air Cleaner: Dry
Max Torque(at rated RPM): 118Nm


Max PTO HP: 30 HP
Rated RPM: 2600
No. of PTO Speed: Two (590, 845 RPM)


Transmission Type : Constant Mesh with Sync Shuttle
Speed of tractor (Km/h): Min: 1.7 Max.: 23.2
Brake Type: Oil Immersed Brakes with 3 Discs


Front Tyre : 8×16
Rear Tyre : 12.4×24
Turning Radius (M): 2.5m


Power Steering


Lift Capacity (kg): 900

Fuel Tank capacity

35 litre

Best-in-class features

The Light Weight 4WD Wonder
The combination of lightweight build and 4WD make Mahindra Jivo 365 DI the ideal tractor for doing puddling even in soft and high sinking soils .
While other heavier tractors will sink deeper and get stuck in wet soil condition, Jivo 365 DI is able to pull larger implements with greater ease in touch conditions.
The lightweight build also results in less soil compaction uniformly levelled field and better quality of puddling.
Introducing for the 1st Time in India ADDC with PAC Technology
The Position Auto-Control (PAC) feature of Jivo 365 DI and Mahindra Rotavator provides excellent control over the depth of puddling. With PAC technology , the rotavator can adjust the puddling depth, without any need for adjustment to PC lever.
8+8 Side Shift Gearbox with Sync Shuttle
Choose the right speed with 8+8 side shift gear box, providing better output during land preparation. Sync Shuttle ensures easy maneuvering of tractor by providing ease of quick forward and backward movement without changing the gears.
The Power to Achieve more with Advanced 36 HP DI Engine
Gives highest torque in the segment (118 Nm)
Generates Higher Backup Torque so tractor will not stall due to sudden increase in load
Delivers 30 HP PTO power for superior productivity
Operates on Low Rated RPM increasing Engine Life
Has Low Engine SFC for greater mileage.
Designed for Unmatched Performance
Dual Speed PTO for superior performance with Mahindra’s 1.6m Rotavator in puddling operation
Superior Quality Paddy special High-Lug tyres designed for tough soil conditions
Higher Ground clearance
Oil Immersed Brakes with 3 discs for more effective braking
Faster Speed of operation
Ability to work with Cultivator and Plough.
Tractor that gives you more Profit
Light-weight leads to less fuel consumption.
Higher fuel tank capacity (covers more area in one fill up)
Low cost of maintenance due to superior engine.
Easy spare parts availability.
Best-in-class mileage thus lower cost of operation.


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