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Mahindra JIVO brings unmatched power with its highest torque of 86 Nm to carry out all operations with ease, and the highest PTO HP to efficiently drive all implements.

It brings superb performance with a strong metal body for everyday rugged use, a high lift capacity of 750 kg for lifting heavy loads easily, 4-wheel drive for better traction, and the capacity to pull variety of implements.

Mahindra JIVO also means greater profits because of its low maintenance, best in class mileage, and easy spare part availability with low cost of parts. Get the new Mahindra JIVO to experience power, performance and profit like never before.

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Engine Type: Mahindra DI
Engine Power HP: 17.8968
No. of Cylinders: 2
Displacement: 1366
Air Cleaner: Dry
Max Torque(Kg-m): 8.8


Max PTO HP: 16.4054(22HP)
Rated RPM: 2300
No. of PTO Speed: Two (605, 750 RPM)


Transmission Time: Sliding Mesh
No of Gears: 8F*4R
Speed of tractor (Km/h): Min: 2.08 Max: 25
Brake Type: Oil immersed brakes.


Front Tyre: 6.00*14
Rear Tyre: 8.3*24
No. of Trackwidth Adjustments: 6
762 mm , 813 mm , 864 mm ,914 mm Standard
Turning Radius (M): 2.3


Power Steering


Lift Capacity (kg): 750

Fuel Tank capacity

23 litre

Best-in-class features

Highest Torque of 86 Nm – powerful enough to carry out all operations
Best in class mileage thus lower cost of operations.
Low on maintenance thus gives you more savings.
Easy spare part availability with low cost of parts.
Helps control the setting for implements like the plough and cultivator. Extremely useful while working in Orchard & Vineyards & all Inter-culture applications.
Highest Efficiency For Spraying in vineyard and Interculture Operations
Better coverage and uniform spraying.
Highest PTO power in its category – matchless performance with High – end mist sprayer.
Best in class fuel efficiency powered by the DI engine.
4WD for better traction.
Narrow track width 30 & Short turning radius of 2.3 m – Ease of turning and maneuverability in orchards.
Designed tough, for the toughest usage, in multiple applications
Power for bigger implements
2 speed PTO for superior performance with rotovator.
Strong metal body for everyday rugged use.
Advance design for the best in style and comfort
Power steering for easy control.
Side shift gears for ease in shifting.
Superior ergonomics for ease of working for long hours.
Stylish wrap around head lamps
Stylish wrap around headlamps.
Suspension seat, gives optimum height and comfort.
Horizontal silencer.
High ground clearance
High ground clearance for ease in interculture operation.
High lift capacity
High lift capacity of 750kg for lifting heavy loads easily
Stylish instrument cluster
Modern instrument cluster.


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